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Half Hourly Electricity

Rising energy costs create challenges for businesses and organisations. At the Business Energy Store we use our expert knowledge and industry contacts to help you find a solution and move towards cost effective energy rates.

Many businesses find that they have significant electricity bills, particularly if you are an office based business or use large machinery. One important aspect of cost-effective energy is in the procurement of electricity and getting the best deal.

At the Business Energy Store, we always make sure our customers get the best available rates and service from a supplier. Located just outside London, we have gone from strength to strength in the business energy world in the last 4 years. Our strong relationships with suppliers in the UK ensure we offer the best market options to cut your costs.

We specialise in getting you the cheapest electricity prices and pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest and unbiased comparisons of all major half hourly electricity suppliers.

Half Hourly Meters

Half hourly meters can be installed or upgraded on your premises, and allow you to monitor your energy consumption constantly, seeing where you can save money. The meter itself reads electricity use every half hour and reports back to your provider, which means there is no manual reading and your usage is always up to date. Straightforwardly, you will only be charged for energy you actually use.

If you would like a half hourly comparison of prices from all suppliers in the current market, have any other requirements that you are unsure of that you feel we could help with, please let us know by calling us on 0800 321 3514 or emailing us at

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