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Electricity for business

The cost of energy has increased sharply over the last couple of years which for both individuals and businesses poses significant challenges. At the Business Energy Store we are here to help businesses and organisations meet the challenge of rising energy costs.

For many businesses energy bills can be a significant cost, particularly if you are an office based business or manufacturer. The procurement of gas and electricity for business has become an increasingly important aspect of reducing your energy costs.

At the Business Energy Store our gas and electricity procurement makes sure our customers always get the best available rates and service from a supplier. We are completely impartial and therefore will not be biased towards any one supplier.

Gas for business

We specialise in getting you the cheapest energy prices and can always guarantee competitive prices on the market! We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest and unbiased comparisons of all major half hourly electricity and gas suppliers.

Located just outside London, the Business Energy Store has built up strong relationships with suppliers in the UK over the last 4 years, and has seen Business Energy Store grow from strength to strength in the business energy world.

By guaranteeing free and impartial advice, the Business Energy Store has quickly grown to become one of the best brokers in the UK, making sure businesses get better deals on their business electricity and gas requirements.

If you would like a half hourly comparison of prices from all suppliers in the current market, have any other requirements that you are unsure of that you feel we could help with, please let us know by calling us on 0800 321 3514 or emailing us at

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